KAOS is a self-funded youth club based in Ashingdon and Wakering, founded in 2015. KAOS welcomes young people aged 9-15, encouraging children with and without disabilities to enjoy themselves together. 


KAOS continues to provide a wide variety of activities including cookery, sports, games consoles, crafts and more. We also organise trips out and hire companies to come in and provide our young people with the best experiences possible. 


"Our trips to Rollacity are so much fun!"


"Youth Club is great for kids, it is lots of fun and very active. The disco's are great and so are the other activities!"


"KAOS is a great place to meet new friends"


"A great space to relax with friends, and no parents!"


"I love cooking at KAOS"



An annual membership fee of £15 is payable by the young person when joining, as well as a £3 fee to be paid each session. All monies will go directly into the club to support the development of the club and to enable the club to continue providing further a variety of activities for the young people. 


A member can cease their membership at any time by informing the club verbally that they no longer wish to be a member.